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Zefal Z Bar Plugs Tubeless Repair Kit

Zefal Z Bar Plugs Tubeless Repair Kit

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Tubeless repair kit stored within the handlebars
The Z Bar Plugs is a tubeless tyre repair kit that sits inside the handlebars. It has two detachable parts. The first part has a needle tool as well as three 5mm thick tire plugs and the other part has a knife with three 2mm tire plugs. You don't need any tools to attach it to the handlebars; you just need to turn the aluminium outer. Each part can be attached to the left or right depending on the rider's preference. The Z Bar Plugs give cyclists the possibility to have a permanent repair solution for punctures to their bike whilst out riding.

Simple to use

No need to remove the tyre. NB: see instructions.

Better reliability

Long-lasting repair for 1 to 5mm punctures.

Easy access

Possible to get out without any tools using an expandable screw system.

Discrete with a sleek finish

Integrated in the handlebars. Bar end plugs in anodised aluminium.

Possible to attach a chain

The needle tool adaptor can be used for securing a safety chain (chain not supplied).


Enduro / DH
75 g
Anodised aluminium handlebar plugs
2 x 50 mm
Handlebar compatible
Internal diameter of between 17.5mm and 21mm
3 x Ø 2mm + 3 x Ø 4mm
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Mounting instructions

Installation onto the handlebars:
1. Check that the handlebars won't be obstructed in any way before proceeding. It may be necessary to remove the handlebar plugs or even cut the handles if they impede access to the front part of the handlebars.
2. Place the connector containing the knife in your chosen position. Screw the plug in a clockwise direction by hand until secure. Repeat for the second handlebar plug.

Directions for use

Place the tyre plug on the punctured tyre:
1. Turn your wheel to find the air escaping. Extract any object still in there causing the puncture.
2. Insert the plug through the eye of the needle.
3. Insert the needle tool into the hole using the file to clear it if needed.
4. Forcefully pull out the tool by turning your wrist.
5. Reinflate the tyre if required and remove any excess with the knife supplied.

The plugs supplied in these kits are recommended for punctures between 1 and 5mm. For smaller punctures, we advise you use the Z Sealant range and for anything larger, to change the tyre. The user can chose to plug the tool in advance with a diameter they see fit in order to save time out on the road.

Maintenance instructions

Check the condition of the plug and its strength before each outing.

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