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Vittoria Singleway Tubeless Valve Kit

Vittoria Singleway Tubeless Valve Kit

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2 tubeless valves compatible with road and mtb use

  • Available in 40mm and 60mm
  • Compatible with high concentration particles sealant
  • Made of brass

Durable tubeless valves

Vittoria Singleway tubeless valves are made of brass for higher durability. They are compatible with high-concentrated particles sealant and feature a plastic cap. Available in 40mm and 60mm, Vittoria Singleway tubeless valve can be used with the most common rim depths. The gasket and valve core are replaceable for extended product usability.

Available Sizes

Size Weight Art. Cod.
60 mm 10g 1AA00164
40 mm 10g 1AA00163
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