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Vittoria Mazza Enduro Race Tubeless MTB Tire 27.5 - Black

Vittoria Mazza Enduro Race Tubeless MTB Tire 27.5 - Black

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Mazza Enduro Race


The formidable enduro racing tire for all conditions

Engineered for the aggression, technical expertise, and pedaling power of EWS pros, no tire responds as intuitively or as predictably on mixed-terrain gravity runs as the Mazza Enduro Race. The Race variant’s revolutionary compound maximizes grip, mutes chatter, and rebounds with supple predictability on any technical course. Just get the tire on an obstacle. It’ll stick.

While cornering or gripping off-camber rock faces, progressive siping on the shoulders varies the tread’s edges to balance responsive trail-feel with tenacious grab and no instability – glued, in control, and predictable. On climbs, the Mazza digs in with staircase leading edges that thrive on punchy rollers and technical rocky cruxes alike. Between the two, voracious spacing gobbles and clears loose, loamy soil and clingy muck.

Technology Explained

The 1C Race tread is a soft, tacky, supple Graphene + Silica-infused compound, the ultimate enduro racing technology. It’s electrically bonded to an ultra-durable Enduro Race nylon casing, which is further reinforced with a center-strip breaker, bead-to-bead puncture resistance, and added protection against pinch flats from rim strikes.

Specifications Chart

Size ETRTO Color Weight
27.5x2.4 60-584 Black 1220 g
27.5x2.6 65-584 Black 1310 g
29x2.4 60-622 Black 1340 g
29x2.6 65-622 Black 1410 g

Graphene + Silica 1C Compound

Rubber, evolved with Graphene and reinforced with Silica in a soft, ultra-tacky compound. Improved durability, predictable trail-feel, and chatter-muting suppleness, engineered to let the tread deform and rebound for the ultimate connection to terrain. The ultimate enduro racing compound. 

XC Adventure 60- TPI Casing

Built for exploration with a 60-TPI nylon construction that resists abrasion and punctures while maintaining your connection to the trail with a mid-tier suppleness. 

Enduro Race Casing

Race-tuned durability and abrasion-resistance. Constructed with multi-layer reinforced nylon and built-up with bead-to-bead puncture resistance plus extra protection on the center strip and sidewalls. The ultimate reliability for the most technical enduro courses. 

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