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Vittoria Air-Liner Road Tubeless Inserts Puncture Protection Run Flat Capability for Road Bikes

Vittoria Air-Liner Road Tubeless Inserts Puncture Protection Run Flat Capability for Road Bikes

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Don't let flats stop your ride!

The legendary combination of durability, protection, and run-flat performance of Vittoria Air-Liners, made for your favorite tubeless-ready road tires! The Vittoria Air-Liner system provides unmatched bump compliance and impact protection, while ensuring bead lock at lower pressures. In the event of air-loss, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is designed for run-flat use. The insert increases the safety of your tubeless set-up by keeping the tire in place even in case of puncture - No risk to ride on the wheels! The Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tires on the market. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, while the proprietary Vittoria tubeless valves eliminates valve clogging. Whether you are training, touring, exploring, or racing, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system will provide peace of mind and protection for the ride ahead.

The Air-Liner Road bag contains:

  • One Air-Liner Road insert
  • Two Multiway valves

Sizing and fitting:

Air-Liner Road Size Tire Range Size Recommended Tire

Rim Inner Width 

S 700x23/26 mm 25 mm Max 21 mm
M 700x27/29 mm 28 mm Max 23 mm
L 700x30/32 mm 30 mm Max 26 mm


Air-Liner Road
Insert for tubeless road tires 


  • Run-flat capability
  • Tubeless bead lock protection
  • Retains supple tire feel


Air-Liner Road is the re-usable insert designed to enhance and optimize the performance and safety of tubeless-ready road bicycle tires. Air-Liner Road increases the safety of tubeless-ready tires by locking the bead of the tire into the rim, reducing the likelihood of burping at the bead. It also cushions the tire and wheel from impacts, while providing an additional tubeless set-up seal.
Air-Liner Road completes the Vittoria tire insert range across mountain bike, gravel and now road categories. Unlike the mountain bike and the gravel version, Air-Liner Road uses a complete hoop as well as a hexagonal cross-section shape both of which are designed to lock into a 700c road wheel and provide a very positive bead lock on tubeless tires.

The foam of Air-Liner Road is soft and is designed to collapse inside the pressure of a road tire. That allows for the expansion of the foam in the event of a flat tire. In fact, the foam fills the volume inside the tire and allow for a run-flat solution to get you home. In addition, Air-Liner Road allows running lower air pressure, as it provides additional protection and enhances the seal of the tire. The insert increases riding comfort without negatively impacting rolling resistance.
Made specifically for tubeless tire applications, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tires on the market, and will offer the same benefits regardless of brand. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, ensuring that punctures are sealed as normal, and extending the useful life of the insert. The proprietary Vittoria tubeless Multiway Valve uses multiple large holes within the tire chamber, eliminating valve clogging, and providing ease of use while adjusting air-pressure.


Mounting and removal

The Air-Liner Road bag contains one Air-Liner Road insert one Multiway Valve.
For the set-up, the pliers and clips provided in the Road Tubeless Tool-Kit are required.

  • Make sure the rim tape is in good condition and correctly installed;
  • Insert the provided valve. To make sure there is no air leakage, inflate and install the tire without insert;
  • Install the first tire bead on the rim; to facilitate, make sure the bead is positioned at the centre of the rim;
  • Slightly wet Air-Liner Road with water to facilitate the set-up;
  • Insert Air-Liner Road inside the tire as it was an inner tube; make sure not to turn or damage the insert;
  • Mount the second bead on the rim. Make sure that the first bead which is already placed on the rim is correctly positioned at the centre of the rim in order to ease the complete installation, using if needed the pliers and clips;
  • As both beads are installed, inflate the tire; to facilitate, remove the valve mechanism in order to allow higher airflow. Make sure the tire is properly mounted and there are no air leaks;
  • Deflate the tire, remove the valve mechanism and then add the sealant inside the tire (please use Vittoria sealant or sealants that do not contain ammonia);
  • Mount the valve mechanism and inflate;
  • Spin the wheel and make it bounce in order to evenly spread the sealant inside the tire;

For the removal, tire levers and the pliers and clips provided in the Road Tubeless Tool-Kit are required.

  • Deflate the tyre completely;
  • Help yourself with the specific pliers in order to detach the bead from the rim;
  • Using the same pliers, place one clip every 15-20 cm in order to keep the bead at the centre of the rim.
  • Keep on using pliers, tire levers and clips until the first tire bead is completely detached from the rim;
  • Remove Air-Liner making sure not to stretch or damage it and remove the second bead from the rim. Wash Air-Liner Road with water and soap in order to clean out sealant remains.


  • It is recommended not to ride more than 50 km at moderate speed of max 20 km/h in run-flat conditions.
  • Air-Liner Road complies with ISO requirements for max system weight of 125 kg (rider, bike and equipment).
  • In case of puncture, and consequent air loss, Air-Liner Road allows for temporary low-speed run-flat riding, to get you home. While Air-Liner Road allows you to ride to the nearest repair area, it is not intended as a substitute for a properly inflated tire for extended use.
  • The Air-Liner Road insert must be checked each time a tire is changed, prior to installing a replacement tire. Air-Liner Road dimensions can be negatively affected by certain conditions, which may reduce its effectiveness, or eliminate its functionality, such as:

    1) Riding on a flat tire: always check the condition of the Air-Liner ROAD insert, after its use inside a deflated tire;

    2) Storing the Air-Liner inside a deflated tire: We recommend keeping a moderate pressure (1 Bar min) when not in use. We recommend replacing Air-Liner Road inserts every year.

  • The Air-liner Road insert can be safely ridden inside a deflated tire, provided the integrity of the insert is maintained, allowing for the original dimensions to remain consistent. The insert must not to be modified on its original shape and dimensions. To confirm when replacement is needed, please refer to the following chart:

(as printed on the insert)
measured diameter
Small 18 mm
Medium 20 mm
Large 22 mm
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