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Selle SMP

Selle SMP Well Bike 144mm Saddle Black

Selle SMP Well Bike 144mm Saddle Black

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Developed from the experience of Professional range, its technical features make it the best and safest seat for newcomers to intense cycling, for both road-racing and MTB.

smp4bikesvt100x100 handmade in Italy

For which cyclist

  • Gender: Man, Woman
  • Sit bones width: from 1,16 to 15,0 cm
  • Pants size: M, L, XL
  • Use: MTB, Road, Gravel / Cyclocross, Commuter / Fixed, Spinning
  • Type of bicycle: Traditional, E-Bike
  • Padding level: Intermediate

Dimensions and weight

  • Width: 144 mm - Length: 280 mm
  • With AISI 304 rail: 295 g

Materials and colors

  • Padding: Polyurethane
  • Cover: SVT Velvet Touch
  • Body: Carbon reinforced nylon 12
  • AISI 304 rail: AISI 304 stainless steel tube Ø 7.1 mm


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