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Selle Italia

Selle Italia SLR XC FLOW 131mm Bicycle Saddle Lightweight Carbon Composite

Selle Italia SLR XC FLOW 131mm Bicycle Saddle Lightweight Carbon Composite

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Selle Italia SLR XC Flow Saddle

Selle Italia's SLR saddle shape may be widely popular, but many trail riders find that they prefer more padding and anatomic support than what the typical SLR road line provides. That's where the Selle Italia SLR XC Flow Saddle comes into play. Starting with the classic SLR shape, it gets a moderately sized anatomic cutout before cranking up the comfort with an extra dose of padding. This makes the SLR XC Flow a top choice for those who need a supportive, comfortable, and lightweight saddle for off-road use.

The foundation of the SLR is its nylon composite shell, with its 'composite' designation is derived from its 30% carbon fiber content. Essentially, this mix provides the shell with a boost of support, while still providing a natural level of flex for comfort. And, true to its SLR designation, it shares the same 131mm width and 275mm length that's found throughout the SLR line of saddles. However, where it differs is in its level of padding. Selle Italia ranks this saddle as an 'S2' in its Identity Matching System, meaning that it possesses a similar level of firmness to the full-carbon SLR Kit Carbonio Flow and the C2 Gel Flow saddles. In terms of padding, you'll find that the SLR XC is far from ample but certainly not sparse. This makes it ideal for those with small-width sit bones and medium pelvic rotation that prefer a firmer saddle. And for anyone who also prefers a low-profile design, the XC flow has one of the lowest heights from rail to top-of-cover in the Selle Italia line (42mm).

Further differentiating itself, the XC Flow features a moderately-sized cutout along the center-channel of the saddle. As a result, that pressure is directed to your sit bones (ischial tuberosity), which are far more adept at supporting your body weight. Additionally, they're able to do so without causing numbness during long rides. This principle is further supported by the wide cut out, as it removes pressure from the pudendal nerve. Essentially, this is a nerve that runs from around the third vertebrae, all the way down towards your foot. And when compressed at the perineum region, it is one of the major contributors to numbness. So, by relieving the very threat of pressure, your blood flow remains consistent, eliminating numbness. To put it into perspective, the cutout is slightly narrower than the one found on the SLR Super Flow, which provides more surface area to work with.

  • Covering in breathable full-grain leather
  • Anatomical cutout
  • Self-modelling padding - Perfect Fit
  • Shell made from 30% Carbon composite
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Rail: Vanox Tube
  • Size: W131mm X L275mm
  • Color: Black

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