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JY-201 Bike Lock with Combination

JY-201 Bike Lock with Combination

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Material: Stainless Steel Plastic
Size: 1200 x 12mm (L x Dia)
Weight: 350g

This lock is preset to operate at 0000. To set your own combination follow the steps below;
1. Dial the combination wheels to 0000 and withdraw the cable.
2. Turn the knob 90 degrees clockwise to the designated position
3. Reset the combination wheels to the desired combination making sure the numbers are lined up with the pointer.
4. Have selecting your combination numbers to turn the knob back to the original position in a counterclockwise direction.
5. The new combination is now set.
6. Repeat the 1-4 steps above to reset the combination anytime you like.

- 1piece x Lock
- 1piece x Fixed Lock bracket

Note: Do not forget the password. Otherwise, we can not help you.

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