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Jagwire Sport DCA779 Disc Brake Pads for SRAM Level / Avid

Jagwire Sport DCA779 Disc Brake Pads for SRAM Level / Avid

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Disc Brake Pads

Different riding styles and conditions demand different brake pads. Designed to deliver long-lasting stopping power and modulation under a variety of conditions, Jagwire offers six different pad types and over 25 shapes to give riders the best combination of materials and compounds for their ride.

Pads are available for a wide variety of the most popular disc brake systems from SRAM®, Avid®, Shimano®, Formula®, Hope®, Hayes®, Magura®, Promax®, Tektro®, TRP®, and RIDEREVER®. Sport pads are available either with an all-purpose semi-metallic compound or low-noise organic compound. Elite pads offer heat dissipation technology for the most demanding riders, while Pro and Pro Extreme pads feature added benefits including lighter weight or increased stopping power for those looking for premium performance. Pro E-Bike pads are specifically tuned for the unique needs of pedal-assist E-bikes.

  • Six performance levels are available, including Sport Semi-Metallic, Sport Organic, Pro Semi-Metallic, Pro Extreme Sintered, Pro E-Bike, and Elite Cooling
  • Pads are available with organic, semi-metallic, or sintered compounds
  • All pads are sold in pairs and include springs or clips when necessary
  • Bulk boxes are available for select systems and include 25 pairs, with necessary springs and clips

Sport Organic

Jagwire Sport Organic pads feature an all-new resin compound. Mounted on a steel backing plate, this compound gives good power and modulation, while keeping noise to a minimum. Great for riders primarily riding in dry conditions.


DCA779 Sport Organic
  • DB
    • DB1
    • DB3
    • DB5
  • Level
    • Level
    • Level T
    • Level TL
    • Level TLM (B1, 2020+)
    • Level Ultimate (B1, 2020+)
  • Red
    • Red eTap AXS HRD (2-Piece, 2019+)
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