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Jagwire Basics Brake Cable Kit for Road / MTB / SRAM / Shimano

Jagwire Basics Brake Cable Kit for Road / MTB / SRAM / Shimano

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Basics Brake Kit

Universal - Thoughtfully crafted to work on just about any bicycle. This versatile gear slots right into place.Rim Brake - Compatible with cable-actuated braking systems on mountain and road bicycles.SRAM/Shimano Road and Mountain Brake Cable Ends - SRAM®/Shimano® road brake cable head on one end, SRAM®/Shimano® MTB brake cable head on the other.

Jagwire Basics Brake Cable Kits have everything needed to replace the brake cables and housing for a typical bike with rim brakes.

  • Double-ended cables are compatible with both mountain and road brakes
  • Lined CEX brake housing
  • Slick galvanized inner cables are pre-stretched and resist corrosion
  • Includes everything needed for a complete brake cable and housing replacement on most bikes with rim brakes



CEX - coiled steel housing with non-lubed liner

Coiled Steel, Non-Lubed

Quality, low-cost brake housing using coiled steel wrapped around an inner non-lubed liner. The combination of low cost and long-lasting performance makes it ideal for entry-level bike service.


GAS - pre-stretched, slick galvanized steel spiral-bound cables

Slick Galvanized or Stainless Steel

An upgrade from basic cables, these galvanized and stainless steel strands are pre-stretched, then extruded through a die that removes the rough edges resulting in a smooth surface that reduces friction along the length of the cable. These cables are the most popular choice for riders balancing performance, durability and cost. The stainless steel option offers greater resistance to corrosion.

What's Included

1 2500mm CEX Brake Housing
1 1350mm Front Brake Inner Cable
1 2350mm Rear Brake Inner Cable
6 Open Brass End Caps
2 Cable Tips
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