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Elite T-Race Bottle Cage - Beige

Elite T-Race Bottle Cage - Beige

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T-Race is Elite’s new soft touch bottlecage designed to make it easier to insert and remove the bottle from all sides during races.

Made in highly resistant fibre-reinforced material, it’s great on the road but also with mountain bikes or over gravel tracks as it ensures great retention and resistance over any terrain.

Easy insertion from both sides

T-Race is the Elite-designed bottlecage in cooperation with Adriano Design that, when installed on the frame, reproduces the 'T' for Time Trial with this bottlecage. 

The monoblock structure of the T-Race ensures easy insertion of the bottle from both sides thanks to the wide opening that allows for quick insertion and extraction, also ideal for bicycles distinguished by smaller sized or slooping frames.

Great grip on the bottle

T-Race also ensures great grip on the bottle thanks to its structure designed to keep the bottle body in place in its upper and lower sections, safe and secure also when facing intense vibrations and collisions on rough terrains.

The first athletes to test this product out have been gravel and mountain bike cyclists.

Style, lightness and compatibility

Weighing just a little more than 29 g, this bottlecage adds no useless weight on your bicycle and yet retains high retention and resistance performances.

Available in four visually striking colors thanks to its soft touch finishing, T-Race is distinguished by an elegant and modern racing-style design, ideal for all frames (diameter is standard 74 mm). 

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