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Elite Rocko Carbon Bottle Cage - Matte White

Elite Rocko Carbon Bottle Cage - Matte White

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Rocko Carbon

Rocko Carbon is an ultra-light and resistant injection carbon fiber bottle cage with high retention capabilities, the ideal instrument to perfectly manage the bottle especially on a mountain bike and under extreme training or competition conditions, such as rocky downhills and freerides.

Very resistant and practical, Rocko Carbon's greatest strength and distinctive feature is its front and side insertion. This makes it compatible with all frames and especially on bicycles with smaller or sloping frames.

Great retention capabilities

Rocko Carbon ensures great bottle retention under any circumstance, even the most difficult ones. 

Despite the ease of inserting the bottle from the side, another key point of the bottle cage is its ergonomic structure, designed to envelop the bottle also on its upper section, thus ensuring a tight grip even on the roughest terrains. 

The reinforced carbon fiber structure ensures great stability, control and absorption of shocks, vibrations and impacts with the terrain. 

A practical lateral insertion

Rocko Carbon expands the range of Elite bottle cages designed to offer maximum ease-of-use while cycling via a practical side insertion system. 
Thanks to its front/side-entry structure, the bottle cage always makes it easy to insert and remove the bottle, ensuring great handling while cycling on rough terrains. 

The side insertion design also makes it easier to insert the bottle on bikes with smaller or reduced frames, thus turning the Rocko Carbon into the ideal bottle cage to easily train and compete on fantastic mountain bike courses. 

A universal aesthetic finish

The simple and clean design of Rocko Carbon is available in 7 different color variants, 3 of which are introduced this year: mat Gold, mat Green and mat Blue.

The goal is to turn the bottle cage into an aesthetically pleasing item, ideal for any bike and cycling style, not just a practical and efficient instrument under any circumstance.

Other info

  • Insertion and removal

    Front/side entry.

  • Frame Compatibility

    Ideal for slooping frames.

  • Easy set up

    Fixing it on the frame of the bicycle is simple and practical, so it's possible to have a wide range of positions for the bottle, to satisfy every need.

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