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Elite Prism Carbon Bottle Cage - Black

Elite Prism Carbon Bottle Cage - Black

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Prism Carbon

Prism Carbon is Elite’s new top-of-the-line bottle cage made of polymer-matrix composite reinforced with lightweight, yet super-strong carbon fiber. Light, ergonomic and resistant, Prism Carbon provides a unique combination of high performance, unique design and easy-access storage for your bottles when space on the frame is limited.

In fact, Prism Carbon’s distinctive feature is the structure designed to allow a practical side insertion of the bottle, compatible with all frames yet particularly suitable to fit MTBs and gravel bikes, smaller bike frames or sloping top tubes.

Ideal for bikes with bikepacking bags

Prism Carbon is a side-entry bottle cage conceived to make water carrying a more practical solution – particularly for mountain bikers and gravel bikers who have smaller bike frames or frame geometries that make top-loading bottle waters challenging, as for bikes with bags for bikepacking.

Prism Carbon also ensures maximum comfort to left-handed riders who can choose a left-hand loading cage to easily manage bottles while riding. 
PRISM Right and PRISM Left feature regular opening to the left or right when mounted on transversal oblique down tubes, but they can change the insertion direction for the bottle when mounted on seat-tube, the main tube of the bicycle.

Maximum strength, unmatched resistance

Despite the ease with which riders can release and insert their water bottles both frontally and sideways, Prism Carbon provides exceptional holding power

With its structure designed to perfectly embrace the bottle on its upper area, Prism Carbon ensures a firm grip on the bottle to guarantee maximum comfort also in extreme riding conditions, such as mountain ascents at high-speed, rocky terrains and off-road routes. This aspect applies especially on MTB riders who need to use high-strength and very impact-resistant water bottle cages. 

Innovative design and top-level performance

Prism Carbon is a bottle holder made with an innovative high-performance composite material reinforced with super-light carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is three times lighter and five times stronger than steel, and for this reason it allows Prism Carbon not only to ensure stable and long-lasting performance, but also extraordinary lightness resulting in only 29 g total weight.

Prism Carbon’s registered  design, attention to detail and exclusive painting make this bottle cage one of Elite’s most refined product in terms of aesthetics, resistance to wear, ease of cleaning, ergonomics and solidity. 

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