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Elite Prism Bottle Cage - Titanium Metal/Black Graphics

Elite Prism Bottle Cage - Titanium Metal/Black Graphics

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Elite’s consolidated expertise attained on years of feedback from the world’s best Pro Teams helped us create the ultimate bottle cage for riders who need ergonomic, space-saving storage for their bottles, especially on routes distinguished by extreme and challenging trail conditions.

Prism is Elite’s new bottle cage made of polymer-matrix composite reinforced with strong, high-resistant fiberglass. Like Prism Carbon, its twin made with carbon fiber, Prism’s distinctive feature is its side-load structure particularly designed for MTB riders who need to focus on ground conditions and optimize times and procedures of their hydration process with an easy release and insertion of the bottle, which is ideal for smaller bike frames or sloping top tubes.

Ideal for bikes with bikepacking bags

Prism is Elite’s new product featuring a practical side-loading structure designed to offer mountain bike riders an innovative and ergonomic solution to water carrying – especially for cyclists who have smaller bike frames and modest bottle mounting areas, like when you add to your bike a bikepacking bag

Prism offers high-performance ergonomic release and insertion of the bottle, which are allowed both frontally and sideways. PRISM also ensures maximum comfort to left-handed riders who can choose a left-hand loading cage to easily manage bottles while riding. 

Prism Right and Prism Left feature regular opening to the left or right when mounted on transversal oblique down tubes, but they can change the insertion direction for the bottle when mounted on seat-tube, the main tube of the bicycle.

Unmatched holding power, perfect for gravel and MTB

Easy-access and release to the water bottle does not preclude a strong and secure hold to the bottle. 

With its structure designed to perfectly embrace the bottle on its upper area, Prism grants a full firm grip to guarantee maximum comfort also in extreme riding conditions over rough terrains or on off-roads trails. For this reason, Prism is particularly suitable for MTB/gravel users who require components and accessories capable of ensuring great stability to shocks and vibration due to the impact of the bike on rough and uneven ground.

A precious and aggressive design

Prism’s registered  design, attention to detail and exclusive painting make this bottle cage one of Elite’s most refined product in terms of aesthetics, resistance to wear, ease of cleaning, ergonomics and solidity. The exclusive glossy painting makes the overall aesthetic impression even more precious and aggressive.

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