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Ciclovation Advanced Leather Touch Steampunk Bar Tape - Copper

Ciclovation Advanced Leather Touch Steampunk Bar Tape - Copper

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Advanced Leather Touch - Steampunk

  • Uniquely formulated synthetic leather, through a special process, shows the metal brushed surface and retains moderate elasticity. Under the refraction of natural light, it presents a low-key but rich matte color finish.
  • Multi-layer, laminated, varying density foam offers progressive shock absorption and vibration damping to minimize fatigue.
  • Highly elastic and lightweight organic adhesive will not leave residue on the handlebars to ease installation and adjustment.
  • Reusable, expanding locking bar plugs are reliable and resistance to falling out.
  • Highly elastic finishing tape does not deform, degrade of soften in extreme temperature and weather conditions.


    • Level: Advanced
    • Material: Leather Touch, Organic Gel padded
    • Length: 2000 mm
    • Width: 30 mm
    • Thickness: 3.0 mm
    • Plug: VORTEX, Lock-in
    • Finish Tape: Included
    • Quantity: 1 Pair


      • Remove any existing handlebar wrap or tape and clean handlebars thoroughly before installing CICLOVATION™ Handlebar Tape.
      • Beginning at the bar end, wrap the tape around the handlebar one complete turn around. It is suggested to wrap the right side handlebar clockwise and the left side counter-clockwise from the rider's perspective. While maintaining tension, continue coiling the tape toward the center of the handlebars with each successive wrap overlapping the previous one by approximately half the width of the tape.

      • At the bulge in the center of the handlbars, cut the handlebar tape at an angle to finish and use the adhesive strips provided or electrical tape to secure into place.

      • Screw in the plug in position and repeat the process on the other end of the handlebar.

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